Elizabeth Bay House, Breakfast Room View

Sound Heritage Sydney

In late March, an international forum of invited experts will spend a day at Elizabeth Bay House sharing their knowledge about music making in historic houses

Have you ever wondered about how music was made in the Australian homes of the past? What music was popular, who played it and how was it played?  Having pondered these questions for some time, Sydney Living Museums and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music have invited a range of experts from across Australia, the UK, and New Zealand to participate in a symposium at Elizabeth Bay House to explore the history of music making in the Australian home and its international contexts.

Sound Heritage Sydney will bring together musicians, scholars and heritage practitioners to discuss what and how music was played in historic houses and at other historic sites. The forum is also interested in uncovering innovative ways music can be used to reveal new narratives in historic properties for contemporary visitors.  For abstracts, videos and biographies of speakers at the symposium, see https://sydneylivingmuseums.com.au/sound-heritage-sydney-videos-abstracts.

To showcase SLM’s significant sheet music collections and illustrate the symposium’s themes, three artists from Sydney and the UK have been invited to perform a public concert following the meeting at 6.30pm, 28 March, at Elizabeth Bay House.  Further details about the concert can be found here.