Sound Museums: Designing for Inclusion, Wellbeing and Community

Professor Laudan Nooshin (City University) and partners from acoustic design and heritage will host this event that aims to explore questions of sonic equity and access in museums and to reimagine museum soundscapes. It will take place in two parts:

Part 1 will be hosted by Apex Acoustics in Newcastle on Wednesday 26 June 2024. This is a hybrid event: in person link; online link

Part 2 will be held at City, University of London on Friday 28th June 2024. For further details and to register to attend, see the event page


Museums have become increasingly attentive to the role and potential of sound, both within curated exhibition spaces and in other public areas. Sound clearly has the capacity to shape spaces, to trigger different modes of spatial relations and to connect visitors to exhibitions in very emotive ways. At the same time, sound can create exclusions, for instance in relation to sensory overload or feelings of not ‘belonging’ in a space.

Sound Museums: Designing for Inclusion, Wellbeing and Community will explore current practice around sonic justice and sound as an agent of inclusion and wellbeing, addressing a range of issues including neuro-inclusion, cultural belonging, and soundscapes approaches to space and exhibition design.The event is aimed at anyone interested in sound in museums and questions of equity and access. Speakers will include curators, acousticians, access and equity staff and advocates, as well as others working more broadly in the museum part of the AHRC funded project Place-making Through Sound: Designing for Inclusivity and Wellbeing, led by Laudan Nooshin.

Speakers on 28th June to include: Rebecca Adda (Buro Happold), Emily Bradfield (Fitzwilliam Museum), Shane Cryer (Ecophon), Angus Deuchars (ARUP), Alison Eardley (The Sensational Museum), Aimee Fletcher (University of Glasgow), Esther Fox (Accentuate/Screen South), Milo Fox (Charcoalblue), Ruth Garde (Curating Visibility), Madeleine Granland (Buro Happold), Jean Hewitt (Buro Happold), Rebecca Romeo Pitone (Apex Acoustics), Peter Rogers (Sustainable Acoustics), Charlotte Slark (The Sensational Museum), Fiona Slater (Science Museum).