The musical soundscape of Sydney’s early drawing rooms

This series of performance videos was produced as part of the Sound Heritage Sydney symposium at Elizabeth Bay House, 28 March 2017. A concert of vocal and piano music explored contrasting musical soundscapes in Sydney and London drawing rooms of the 1830s and 40s. The following videos represent the Sydney experience sourced from the surviving sheet music collections belonging to Sydneysiders who were contemporary with Elizabeth Bay House (completed in 1839) and a house in which this music might have been performed. The performers are Nyssa Milligan (voice), James Doig (voice and piano) and Dr Katrina Faulds (piano).

Further reading: Here and There: Music at Home in Sydney and London, 1830–1845

‘Currency Lasses’ (c1830) by Tempest Margaret Paul.
‘Hibernian Wreath No. 1’ (184?) by François Bernard.
‘Now the Night her Mantle’ (1836) by Henri Herz.
‘La Douceur’ (184?) by Carl Czerny (excerpts).
‘Light my Heart with Joy is Bounding’ (1838) by Carl Maria Von Weber.
‘The Light of Other Days’ (1836) by M. W. Balfe.
‘Leichhardt’s Grave’ (1845) by Isaac Nathan.
‘Thy Greeting Home Again’ (1846?) by Isaac Nathan.
‘Robin Adair’ ([1803-1811?]), Anon.