Sound Heritage Sydney – making music in historic places

These performance videos are from a concert of musical examples used to illustrate the papers presented at the Sound Heritage Sydney symposium at Elizabeth Bay House, 28 March 2017. Sound Heritage Sydney brought together musicians, scholars and heritage practitioners to discuss what and how music was played in historic houses and at other historic sites. The forum was also interested in uncovering innovative ways music can be used to reveal new narratives in historic properties for contemporary visitors. The performers are Nyssa Milligan, Dr Brianna Robertson-Kirkland and Dr Matthew Stephens (voice), James Doig (voice and piano), Dr Katrina Faulds, Sandra France and Ian Blake (piano).

Full concert program available here: Symposium concert program

Further reading: Sound Heritage Sydney symposium

For access to the accompanying presentations see: Videos and abstracts

If a Body Meet a Body: A Favorite Old Scots Song’ (179?) by Anon.
‘Morag: A Favourite Old Gaelic Song’ (1795?) by Anon
‘I Love Thee Still’ (1830s) by Jonathan Blewitt.
‘Light my Heart with Joy is Bounding’ (1838) by Carl Maria von Weber.
‘Suite for the Lanyon Broadwood’ (2016) (nos. 3 & 2) by Sandra France.
‘How many ships sail in the forest?’ (2016) by Ian Blake.
‘London Bridge’ (1879?) by James Lynham Molloy.