Extract from the score of William Hardman's A Collection of Three Waltzes and Three Country Dances, courtesy of the British Library Board, Music Collections h.113.(10.), page 3.

W. Hardman: A Collection of 3 Waltzes and 3 Country Dances (1819) – 3 Waltzes

A Collection of Three Waltzes, and Three Country Dances, Arranged for the Piano Forte, with their Proper Figures, as Danced at the York Winter Assemblies. Composed & Respectfully Dedicated to W. Hale, W. Walker & J.D. Tweedy, Esqrs Managers 1818._19 by William Hardman, Leader of the Band at the above Assemblies, 17 New Bridge Street, York (London: Chappell & Co., Goulding & Co.; York: Knapton’s Music Warehouse, [1819]), plate number 858.

[The York Winter Assemblies] – Waltz – [Newby Hall] – Waltz – [Woolley Park] - Waltz

Image courtesy of the British Library Board, Music Collections h.113.(10.), p. 3

Hardman - A Collection of 3 Waltzes Combined (mp3)
Hardman - A Collection of 3 Waltzes - Waltz 2 (wav)
Hardman - A Collection of 3 Waltzes - Waltz 4 (wav)
Hardman - A Collection of 3 Waltzes - Waltz 6 (wav)
Hardman - A Collection of 3 Waltzes - Waltz 2 (mp3)
Hardman - A Collection of 3 Waltzes - Waltz 4 (mp3)
Hardman - A Collection of 3 Waltzes - Waltz 6 (mp3)

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Recording Details:

Rikki Wolpowitz - flute

Wiebke Thormählen and Taisia Sandetcaia - violins

Joseph Crouch - cello

Henriette Poos - modern harp

Recorded at the Royal College of Music, London, 17 May 2021


SCORE: Hardman Collection of 3 Waltzes

PARTS: Hardman Collection of 3 Waltzes


On 13 December 1817, the York Herald announced that the forthcoming York Winter Assemblies were to be “conduced [sic] on an entire new plan, by three gentlemen of the city, under whose auspices they promise to be well attended”. Managers were appointed once a minimum of sixty subscribers had been obtained, with each paying £1 1s for at least six assemblies. The music for the Winter Assemblies was led by William Hardman, who played an important role in the musical life of York, directing the orchestra for the York Choral Society and the church of St-Martin-le-Grand in the 1830s. His dance band would perform for balls held by hunt clubs, races, military gatherings, music festivals and meetings, charitable events and private celebrations in Yorkshire across the next twenty to thirty years (Griffiths [1994?]; Peel 1986).

The publication of Hardman’s Collection of Three Waltzes, and Three Country Dances appeared to be a popular outgrowth of the 1818-19 Winter Assembly season. On 23 January 1819, an advertisement in the York Herald expressed the demand “for the Music used at these Assemblies”. It announced that Philip Knapton, a composer and music publisher who co-ran a series of subscription concerts at the York Assembly Rooms, was tasked by the managers to produce sets of quadrilles and country dances, which ultimately appeared about three months later (Baines 1823; Jones 2001). The score consists of alternating country dances and waltzes arranged for piano, with two of the former named after the country estates of Newby Hall and Woolley Hall. Little is known about the remainder of Hardman’s oeuvre, although he went on to publish quadrilles and waltzes and later took over Knapton’s business.

The York Herald offered a tantalising glimpse of Hardman’s band in its description of the first Winter Assembly of the season on 19 December 1818. It reported “A considerable addition has been made to the Band, which for sweetness and execution, may now be ranked as one of the first out of London” without elaborating further on what the “considerable addition” entailed. A depiction of the band playing as part of the birthday celebrations for Godfrey Wentworth at Woolley Hall just three months earlier may illustrate Hardman’s outfit. The arrangement for flute, two violins, harp and basso incorporates some of the instruments depicted and represents a modest size dance ensemble.


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