Thomas Rowlandson, [A Children’s Ball] (1790), Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2021. The image shows children dancing to the accompaniment of a dancing master playing a violin, observed on both sides by groups of adults.

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Historical Social Dance and Dance Music Sources

The Collection of Richard Powers:

East Anglian Traditional Music Trust:

Folkopedia, List of Historical Tune Books:,_some_of_which_are_available_on_the_internet

Library of Congress, An American Ballroom Companion: Dance Instruction Manuals, ca. 1490 to 1920:

Nick Enge, Vintage Dance Manuals:

Regency Dances, Sources for Research:

Ellis Rogers, Resources for the Study of 19th Century Social Dance:

Vaughan Williams Memorial Library Historic Dance and Tune Books:

The Village Music Project:

Some dance publications are available via Internet Archive, IMSLP and the British Library’s digital collections. Some items can also be downloaded via


Dance and Dance Tunes Databases

Country Dance & Song Society Online Library:

Folk Tune Finder:

Historical Music of Scotland:

Regency Dances, List of Dances:

The Scottish Music Index: (requires membership)

The Traditional Tune Archive:


Social Dance Terminology

Paul Cooper, “Regency Era Country Dances – Figures”:

Glossary of Country Dance Terms: (note some these refer to more modern usage)

Library of Congress, An American Ballroom Companion: Dance Instruction Manuals, ca. 1490 to 1920, Nineteenth Century Social Dance:

Regency Dances, Regency Dancing Style:


General Resources for Historical Dance and Dancers

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Grove Music Online (The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians): (subscription required)

The Historical Dance Society:

Early Dance Circle:

The National Resource Centre for Historical Dance:


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Dance Video Resources

Library of Congress, An American Ballroom Companion: Dance Instruction Manuals, ca. 1490 to 1920, Video Directory:

A List of Social Dances with Demo Videos, Descriptions, and Music:

Historical Dance Society YouTube channel:

Ellis Rogers & Quadrille Club, Videos:

BBC Pride and Prejudice - Having a Ball:

Dancing with General Washington:

Sue Dupre, “Gentler Conflict: Dance in 18th Century America”:


Historically Informed Dance Music Recordings

Tim Macdonald and Jeremy Ward:

Concerto Caledonia:


Reconstructing Historical Dance Music Performance

Aaron McGregor, “Reviving the 18th-Century Dance Night”:

————— “Nathaniel Gow’s Dance Band – TDFS blog”:


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